"and gold they found..."

This work combines elements of ceramics, colours and history. The ceramics standing as a translation of the layers of struggle and fragility of my country, creating a trajectory from raw material to object. Honduras is a country that has had many years of struggle, from colonial times when our land was discovered, and our cultural identity was shattered by suppression and enslavement; to becoming a neo-colonial country which was introduced to corruption and violence. Focusing on the threads of violence from the past; layer by layer, murdering indigenous tribes, killing banana plantation workers instead of giving them humane working conditions, to using our lands as an extension of other countries to fuel their needs, this work aims to contextualise those threads which all played a role in our country being molded for the benefit of others and then labeled as a “banana republic” or the “murder capital of the world”. The colours of the work, appearing bright and festive, are based on the colours of a typical Honduran town, acting as a contrast of struggle and a representation of Latin America. We inherited solving problems with violence and now we struggle to peel away from it.